Volunteer Chairs

Affiliate Liaison Appointments


Newsletter Editor Appointments

Description:  Assists the Chapter's monthly digital newsletter.  Collects monthly updates and reports from Chapter Officers for the newsletter, ensure the advertisements in the newsletters are up-to-date, emails newsletter to members and region 5 director.


AYP Liaison Appointments

Description:  Plans and coordinates AYP (ASPE Young Professional) events for the chapter.


WOA Liaison Appointments


Website Editor Appointments

Description: Assists with maintaining our website, ensuring information is kept up-to-date such as: meetings, sponsors, members, events, scholarship, board page, etc.


Social Event Planner Appointments
Social Event Planner

Grant B. Brekke
Brekke Sales
e-mail: grantb@brekkesales.com


House Chair Appointments

Description:  Facilitates with Grumpy's (or current venue) to ensure meeting space is reserved and food is available.  Receives meetings RSVPs and conducts meeting checkins and collects payments

House Chair

Thomas William De Genaro
Michel Sales
e-mail: tom@michelsales.com


Historian Appointments

Description:  Assists with maintaining and archieving the Chapter's documents in accordance to ASPE society document retention standards.


Brent Christopher Carlson CPD, GPD
e-mail: Brent.Carlson@Uponor.com