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ASPE Hunting and Trap Shooting Event

The MN ASPE Chapter announces an event that can't be missed! For those who hunt, shoot guns, or just enjoy a morning walk in the fields watching the dogs work their noses.

When: March 13, 2021
Time: 9:00 am

Where: Traxlers Hunting Preserve

We will start the hunt at 9am and
end at 11:00am. The Trap Shooting Contest will begin at 11:00. There will be a prize for the best shot.  Lunch afterwards is on your own.  RSVP for lunch!!

Cost: $50.00 for members, $75.00 for non-members

Game Farm Rules:

Traxler's is a Game Preserve - a
hunting license is not required.

Shooters will need to wear a red
hunting vest, jacket or hat.

Steel shot is required.

We are excited about this event—and really want a great turnout!

We want to see you out there even

If you do not own a shotgun. Arrangements will be made to provide a shotgun for you.

The cost includes one round of
trap, and at least one pheasant or
chucker to bring home, cleaned and
packaged up!

RSVP to Grant Brekke at
952-936-9551, fax 952-936-9558,
or e-mail at
[email protected] .
Please RSVP no later than March 5th. If you have any questions, call Grant.

If you have a dog, please let Grant know.  Otherwise, we will need to rent a dog or two from Traxlers.  There will be a minimum of 10 hunters for this event.  If we don’t get 10, the event will be canceled.  We look forward to a great turnout!

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President's Report

Hi ASPE Members!

I hope everyone is managing to get through this cold weather and is staying healthy and happy. More and more I miss getting together with everyone, but based on current restrictions we are going to remain hosting our technical sessions as virtual through May. We cannot wait to see everyone again!

One item that I’d like to apologize for is the delay in CEU issuing. Our primary contact through society on the CEU side left ASPE to pursue another career, and that left others filling in to figure out the processes. As of now, all CEU’s have been issued through January and I feel the process has been ironed out. You can view all of your CEU’s online at

For those of you interested, Grant is putting together a spring hunting event taking place on March 13th. All of the information will be located in the newsletter. Please reach out to Grant if you know you will plan on attending!

Are there any members out there looking to get involved with our local chapter board? We are currently looking for a Newsletter Editor and ASPE Young Professionals Liaison. Both are great roles for getting more involved with the Board. If you have any questions or want more information, please feel free to reach out!

Stay happy and healthy MN!

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ASPE Holiday Party


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VP Membership's Report

Rich Davision

Hope you like the beautiful color white! With all the snow this year we sure have our fill. February has been a wee bit cool – even for us northern folks for sure.  That being said- spring will hopefully be here ASAP! 

Our membership numbers have continued to be strong thanks to your continued support.  This month we have two new members for Minnesota ASPE, Andrew Paulson of WCC (Water Control Corp) and Richard Otto of AECOM.  Please welcome them at our upcoming meetings.

New Chapter Membership Drive Starts March 1st

ASPE Chapters: Do you want to increase your membership AND help one of your members go to the 2021 ASPE Tech Symposium in San Diego? You can—by participating in the Road to San Diego Chapter Membership Drive. It's easy to participate and earn points because it's all conducted online via ASPE Connect. Starting March 1st, all you need to do is encourage nonmembers to sign up for the free 30-day ASPE Connect trial and tell Chapter members to participate in discussions in the ASPE Open Forum. Check out the membership drive flyer for more information and start spreading the word to your fellow Chapter members!

Happy ASPE membership anniversary

Mike Comstock          

Paul Eichler, CPD

Alec Hammer            

William Lent      

Kim Olson   

Kevin Parsons

Stephanie Radel CPD, GPD

Vit Zaiss P.E.

Happy Birthday fellow ASPE members!

Todd G. Pennington

Ryan James Folin P.E.

Thomas A. Wentz P.E.

Sarah  Watercott CPD

David T. Williams P.E.

Phil  Kraemer

Brett A Stueland

Trenton A. Lalonde

Paul J. McCulloch

Dustin  Torguson

Brent Christopher Carlson CPD, GPD

Brent Orlando Carlson LEED AP

Douglas S. Lamping CPD, GPD

Kevin P. Parsons

Troy Damon Scott

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VP Technical's Report

Al Allmon

I hope everyone has had a chance to get outside and enjoy the relatively mild weather we’ve had up until the cold snap hit. I had the opportunity to take my kids ice fishing a couple of times. We didn’t really catch anything but it was I nice break from being couped up all the time. Cabin fever was really starting to get to me.

The month we have Sher Adler and Craig Johnson from AcornVac to give a presentation on vacuum waste systems. We have had this presentation before, but it’s been several years ago and so this may be new technology to some of you. It was a great presentation and I’m sure it will be equally as good when we see it this time.

As always, if you have a topic you would like to see discussed or have a topic that you would like to present please contact me at [email protected]

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VP Legislative Report

Larry Justin, P.E., CPD


The latest Board Meeting was held on January 19, 2021; refer to  for the agenda.  I could not attend, but there was a status update – refer to .  It was noted that there were three corrections, lines 4.17, 37.16-37.17 and 55.4.

As I noted in my earlier Newsletters, the new Plumbing Code will probably be effective in late 2021.  I will keep you up to date and news present themselves.

As part of the meeting, the 2020 Plumbing enforcement actions were submitted; refer to

At the meeting, the October 2020 meeting  minutes were approved; refer to for the minutes.

The next Board Meeting is scheduled for April 20, 2021.

There are new and reappointed Board members and all of the Plumbing Board Members are listed at

State of Minnesota Plumbing Board Meeting Notification

For more information or to be added to the email list for board meeting notices, contact Lyndy Logan at [email protected] or at (651) 284-5912. People on the email list for meeting notices may also receive periodic updates about activities of the board or the department's Construction Codes and Licensing Division (CCLD).

 State of Minnesota Plumbing Code Items

The State of Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry (DLI) issues the CCLD newsletter that provides pertinent information regarding the construction codes. 

To receive CCLD Review newsletter publications, you can be sign up at or go to

It is published electronically quarterly to inform the construction and code industry about plumbing, electrical, mechanical, and building related information.  I recommend members regularly check the newsletter for any Plumbing Code interpretations.

State of Minnesota Plumbing Code Links

Plumbing Code Page –

Plumbing Plan Review –

Plumbing Board –

State of Iowa Plumbing Code Links

Plumbing Commission Page –

State Plumbing Code –

Plumbing Code Amendment Page –

State of North Dakota Plumbing Code Links

Iowa Administrative Code (IAC) Plumbing Code –

Iowa Plumbing Code –

Plumbing Code Page –

State of South Dakota Plumbing Code Links

Plumbing Commission Page –

Plumbing Code Page –

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