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The TAP - Vol. 40, Issue 9 Print

President's Report

Stephanie Radel, CPD

Hello Chapter,

I am going on 7 weeks of working from at this point and heard the news we will not be going back into the office until the end of June at the earliest. I'm not sure how I feel about that as I enjoy interacting with my team and seeing faces.  My family is staying extremely busy during these times, which I am thankful for. I feel like the workdays have naturally gotten longer. The time previously spent getting ready in the morning and driving has now turned into trying to catch up on emails. We just planted soybeans in our 38 acres of farmland. We shockingly have made zero progress on our bathroom remodel since the weather is getting nicer. It is hard staying inside. And we are doing everything we can to enjoy this together time.

ASPE is doing some really great things in providing free webinars and education during these times. If you feel you have spare time in your days, please go check them out. It is also a great way to get in your education credits!  

Please remember this May is our board election month! This is electing the new officers into position which becomes effective in June. If you wish to become more involved in making this chapter the best it can be, please reach out and volunteer. There are many benefits, selected board members are designated to go ASPE convention as voting members on ASPE policy and standards. It is a great organization with a great group of people!

As previously mentioned, the MN chapter will continue to evaluate each of our scheduled events in a timely manner to ensure the chapter is following current guidelines. Below is an update on our current events.

Events postponed:

  • Spring Seminar April 22nd - postponed until further notice.
  • Spring hunting event - moving to fall hunting event


Events in evaluation:

  • Region 5 Presidents meeting June 5th & 6th - moving to postponement or virtual.
  • Golf June 8th.

Events scheduled:


Please stay safe and remember to be kind to one another. 

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VP Membership's Report

Rich Davision

Dear fellow members,
We are still strong with 157 members and counting.  One of the unique new features of your membership for those that would like to be part of more than one chapter is shown below.  Please take advantage of this if it applies to you.

Multiple Chapter Affiliation
Did you know that there is no limit to the number of Chapters in which members can affiliate?
  • First chapter affiliation is standard dues of $190.
  • Additional chapter affiliations are only $80 each!
  • Member must designate a home Chapter.
  • Member can serve on Board of directors for any non-home Chapter.
Hope to see you all at the upcoming golf outing!!

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VP Technical's Report

Ryan Messmer, CPD

Hi ASPE Members!

As we continue our stay at home order, I hope everyone is managing well and staying healthy. I know for myself I miss working in the office among my peers and cannot wait to get back! I hope that we will be able to all get together again in the near future.

I wanted to apologize for the technical difficulties that occurred at the April Technical Session. As soon as I have the recorded version of this meeting available, I will share with the group. For May we will have a contingency plan in place if this were to occur again.

Upcoming Presentations:


May 20th, 2020

Speaker: Peter Cartwright

Topic: “Chloride Contamination of Minnesota’s Waters – What can we do?”

I would like everyone to start thinking about what you want to learn more about. What interests you in our industry? Thinking ahead to next year and what we can offer you from a technical standpoint. We would love to hear your thoughts and will do our best to find the session to cover that.

Looking for additional CEU’s? Take advantage of ASPE’s Read, Learn, Earn opportunities with a new course updated monthly. You can find the current course list at Each opportunity provides a certificate worth 0.1 CEU’s. The month of May course is on Hangers and Supports. Don’t wait until the last minute for recertification!

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VP Legislative Report

Larry Justin, P.E., CPD

As I mentioned in my April Newsletter, I hope all of you and your families are doing well with the “Stay at Home” request.


As I noted last month, the Minnesota Plumbing Board has canceled their April 21, 2020 meeting.

At the special meeting on 3/16/20, the Board voted to authorize the Chair to proceed with rulemaking (see for the recommendations).  There were some changes to the 2/7/2020 rule draft  and they will be issued with the minutes.  The next quarterly Plumbing Board meeting is scheduled for 7/21/20.

The approved 10/15/19 ( and 1/21/20 ( meeting minutes are on the Boards website.  I recommend you review and provide any comments if you want to.

All of the Plumbing Board Members are listed at

State of Minnesota Plumbing Board Meeting Notification

For more information or to be added to the email list for board meeting notices, contact Lyndy Logan at [email protected] or at (651) 284-5912. People on the email list for meeting notices may also receive periodic updates about activities of the board or the department's Construction Codes and Licensing Division (CCLD).

State of Minnesota Plumbing Code Items

The State of Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry (DLI) issues the CCLD newsletter that provides pertinent information regarding the construction codes.

To receive CCLD Review newsletter publications, you can be sign up at or go to

 It is published electronically quarterly to inform the construction and code industry about plumbing, electrical, mechanical, and building related information.

State of Minnesota Plumbing Code Links

Plumbing Code Page –

Plumbing Plan Review –

Plumbing Board –

State of Iowa Plumbing Code Links

Plumbing Commission Page –

State Plumbing Code –

Plumbing Code Amendment Page –

State of North Dakota Plumbing Code Links

Iowa Administrative Code (IAC) Plumbing Code –

Iowa Plumbing Code –

Plumbing Code Page –

State of South Dakota Plumbing Code Links

Plumbing Commission Page –

Plumbing Code Page –

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