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The TAP - Vol. 40, Issue 8 Print

President's Report

Stephanie Radel, CPD

Good Morning Chapter,

These last couple of days and months our world has entered into a new normal as our lives shift to adjust to these unchartered territories for our lifetime. As these times are uncertain I cannot express how proud I am to be part of this industry, state, and country which is uniting in so many ways. Manufacturers and businesses shifting their capabilities to focus on needed resources. Healthcare workers, first responders, and police officers risking their families health to help others. Parents who are juggling work, school, kids, chores and their sanity. The schools providing free meals and rushing to put online curriculums together. The farmers continuing to put food in our grocery stores and on our tables. The energy companies who continue to keep the power on (thank you Xcel energy for restoring our power outage today). Technology companies keeping our communication platforms running. Water management companies keeping our drinking water safe and our waste water where we want it, etc. This history we are experiencing will be talked about for generations to come and we will get through this so long as we continue to do this together.

As many of you, I have been working from home since March 17th and will continue to do so until May 4th at the earliest. It seems like a long time but I am thankful for technology to keep us connected socially and professionally. At home the family has been trying to keep ourselves busy with six foot distancing fires with our neighbors, we painted the laundry room, finished a puzzle, movies, baking, games, and I've been walking around aimlessly organizing everything. We are hoping for warmer days to get to spend outside with the kids.

Although these times are uncertain and it feels as if things are rapidly advancing and changing, we must do our part and continue to take this seriously and practice social distancing to keep our friends and family safe. The chapter will continue to evaluate each of our scheduled events in a timely manner to ensure the chapter is following current recommendations.

Events postponed:

  • Spring Seminar April 22nd - postponed until further notice.


Events in evaluation:

  • Spring hunting event scheduled April 18th
  • Region 5 Presidents meeting June 5th & 6th


Events scheduled:


Events being worked on:

  • April 22nd technical session.

I pray for your safety and health during these times and for all of our essential workers and everyday heroes that keep this country safe and healthy.

Be kind all and take care of one another.

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VP Membership's Report

Rich Davision

First- I hope all of my fellow Minnesota ASPE members are safe and healthy during this very concerning and challenging time.  As I sit here in the “home” office- I’m sure many of us can relate to each other with working in a new environment and keeping up with the heavy demands of our projects.  Our membership is still strong and solid here in Minnesota.  Hope to see you all again in the coming months as we get some spring and summer weather very soon.  Take good care all!

Welcome new members!!

Ryan Folin P.E.

Natasha Klemz 

Vit Zaiss P.E.

Happy ASPE anniversary!

Happy April Birthdays fellow ASPE members!

Martin Adams 

Peter Burrington        

Alan Allmon

Randy Christenson P.E.

Lewis Anderson P.E., CPD

Andrew Corzine

Mark Carlson       

Josef Glatzmaier        

Daniel Dahlman P.E.

Alec Hammer            

Rich Davison         

Jude Homola P.E.

John Fleitman                          

Shawn Inlay     

Julie Hagstrom CPD  

Andrew Koppi   

Tyler Kitzerow            

Scott Krumm P.E.

Deborah Larson  CPD, LEED AP         

Milton Quintanilla        

Jeremy Larson 

Jeromy Reed P.E.

Andrew Matter 

Tyler Watson CPD

Mark Mayer          


Russell Schumacher P.E.          


Troy Scott      


Tyler Watson CPD


Ethan Zadaka




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VP Technical's Report

Ryan Messmer, CPD

Hi ASPE Members!

I hope everyone is managing to stay happy and healthy during these unprecedented times. I hope everyone is able to adapt to working from home and balance that work/family life. This is a tough time for all of us, but I know we can all pull through together. As of Wednesday (3/25), construction was deemed an essential service and I know for me projects are continuing to push forward. I wish everyone the best!

For those who may have missed the email, we unfortunately have had to postpone the upcoming Spring Seminar. We are actively looking for another date sometime this year to make it happen and get everyone back together.

Thanks for everyone who was able to attend the March Technical Session Webinar. Dave did an amazing job presenting on Electric Tankless Heater Design, and the webinar meeting was a success! We plan on having another webinar for the April Technical Session. More information will be available soon for this.

Upcoming Presentations:

April TBD

I would like everyone to start thinking about what you want to learn more about. What interests you in our industry? Thinking ahead to next year and what we can offer you from a technical standpoint. We would love to hear your thoughts and will do our best to find the session to cover that.

Looking for additional CEU’s? Take advantage of ASPE’s Read, Learn, Earn opportunities with a new course updated monthly. You can find the current course list at Each opportunity provides a certificate worth 0.1 CEU’s. The month of March course is on Plumbing Cost Estimation. Don’t wait until the last minute for recertification!

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VP Legislative Report

Larry Justin, P.E., CPD

I hope all of you and your families are doing well with the “Stay at Home” request.  I guess I am “lucky” (?) as being listed as an essential employee so I get to get out of my home.


As in many cases due to the Pandemic, the Minnesota Plumbing Board has canceled their April 21, 2020 meeting.

At the special meeting on 3/16/20, the Board voted to authorize the Chair to proceed with rulemaking.  There were some changes to the 2/7/2020 rule draft  and they will be issued with the minutes.  The next quarterly Plumbing Board meeting is scheduled for 7/21/20.

The approved 10/15/19 and 1/21/20 meeting minutes are on the Boards website.  I recommend you review and provide any comments if you want to.

All of the Plumbing Board Members are listed at

State of Minnesota Plumbing Board Meeting Notification

For more information or to be added to the email list for board meeting notices, contact Lyndy Logan at [email protected] or at (651) 284-5912. People on the email list for meeting notices may also receive periodic updates about activities of the board or the department's Construction Codes and Licensing Division (CCLD).

State of Minnesota Plumbing Code Items

The State of Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry (DLI) issues the CCLD newsletter that provides pertinent information regarding the construction codes.

To receive CCLD Review newsletter publications, you can be sign up at or go to

 It is published electronically quarterly to inform the construction and code industry about plumbing, electrical, mechanical, and building related information.

State of Minnesota Plumbing Code Links

Plumbing Code Page –

Plumbing Plan Review –

Plumbing Board –

State of Iowa Plumbing Code Links

Plumbing Commission Page –

State Plumbing Code –

Plumbing Code Amendment Page –

State of North Dakota Plumbing Code Links

Iowa Administrative Code (IAC) Plumbing Code –

Iowa Plumbing Code –

Plumbing Code Page –

State of South Dakota Plumbing Code Links

Plumbing Commission Page –

Plumbing Code Page –



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