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The TAP - Vol. 40, Issue 4 Print

President's Report

Stephanie Radel, CPD


I hope everyone has a fulfilling Thanksgiving. Fulfilling not only in the food you eat but the relationships and memories you are creating. This year I am hosting my family on Saturday. It will be my first time ever making a turkey, I think my family is worried, as they rightfully should be. My immediate family is now up to 39 people; I am not sure how they are going to fit in my house or where they are going to sit but I am extremely thankful for each one of them. I am also extremely thankful for our ASPE family and the successes and relationships we have built in the chapter and industry. The more we engage and partner with each other the greater benefits we can give to our community and our industry. 


Some exciting news, our chapter website is getting visited! In November Minnesota had 475 unique visitors to our website with 1,115 number of visits compared to October of 368 unique visitors and 773 number of visits. This is a very positive increase and the cherry on top is to see 109 of these visitors have opened and/or read our newsletter! Keep up the great engagement members! has also upgraded their website to a new skin which allows for one login for the site and ASPE connect. If you have not been on ASPE connect, I highly recommend it. It is a great way to interact with experts in the industry from around the nation. There are people sharing calculators, best practices and ideas on a range of subjects everything MEP. 


Last week I was able to attend Autodesk University in Las Vegas. This was my first time attending this conference and it was well worth the time spent. It was motivating to see the building cycle of design, plan, build and operate being linked together not only in the data but also the collaboration and transparency. Autodesk is creating the cloud environment that is making a lot of this possible but it’s the people that are driving this change. The atmosphere of the conference was how to make data more useful and carry throughout the entire building cycle. It was about connecting all users from manufacturing, engineering, modeling to installing. As buildings are being required to be built quicker with less working space it is vital to create as much efficiency in the design and construction process as possible. 


I also recently came across is the update to the This is a calculator available to download at this link that focuses on peak water demand in residential applications utilizing low flowing fixtures. I have not done enough research to determine the change in the formula but the peak water outputs for single and multi family I feel have aligned with other Industry studies I have been involved in. For single and multi family the peak gpm demands have slightly increased which puts my personal comfort level at ease. This is a great tool to gage your peak gpm demand in single and multi family applications. 


As you can tell there is a lot going on in our worlds and we are moving at a more advanced and quicker pace. Being a member of ASPE is a great tool for keeping up with the Industry changes. With the fast paced environment this is the time of the year to take a moment to slow down, remember, and enjoy what really matters in life. I wish you all the happiest holidays.

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VP Membership's Report

Rich Davision

Our ASPE membership benefits have never been better than right now.  As you have noticed, each day we have an opportunity to share and connect with fellow members with similar questions that need answers.  Each month, we offer ways to build your relationships with our local meetings.  Each month ASPE provides great educational opportunities with web based meetings, face to face meetings, and existing training programs that lead to enhancing your profession.  This month- we will focus on member benefit tip # 1 - BUILD A KILLER NETWORK!

One of ASPE’s greatest benefits is its members. Everyone is busy at home and at work, but members who attend Chapter meetings, Conventions & Expositions, and Symposiums are more likely to build a killer contact list. Our members are eager to help you in your next plumbing engineering problem, which undoubtedly will make you more competitive in the workforce.


Happy ASPE anniversary!

Happy December Birthdays fellow ASPE members!

Jennifer Block

Peter Cartwright P.E.

Brian Bollenbeck

Harold Catlett  

Brent Carlson CPD, GPD

Benjamin Denker P.E., GPD, LEED Green Associate

Harold Catlett

John Fleitman  

Andrew Corzine

John Fonder  

Matthew Folkedahl CPD

Julie Hagstrom CPD

Blake Kirchner

Amanda Kilbane P.E., LEED AP

John Knight

John Knight  

Bobbe Norenberg P.E., CPD

Mike Leibold  

Mark Redmann

David McLeod  

Brian Salisbury CPD, FASPE

Chris Oliver  

Scott Sawyer PE

Bernard Pawlicki Jr.

Emma Sik CPDT

Steven Schmidt  

Stirling Walkes P.Eng

Tyler Stewart P.E., CPD


Matthew Strasser P.E.


Jon Wessling P.E., LEED AP


George Youngvorst



Jason Zitzloff

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VP Technical's Report

Ryan Messmer, CPD

Happy Holidays ASPE Members!

Thanks for the great turnout at our November Technical Session, like always it is greatly appreciated for everyone coming and asking great questions throughout the session.

Anyone have any interesting topics that came to mind that you would like to see presented on in the upcoming year? How about any good case studies to share with the chapter? We are currently booked through February, but that leaves us with March-May, including the seminar to present on. Please let me know what you want to hear and learn about!

For those of you who haven’t heard, the Spring Seminar will be on Wednesday April 22nd. This is the week after the usual technical session would have taken place. Once again we are partnering with ASHRAE to bring together a larger, more successful seminar.

Upcoming Presentations:

December 18th

Elizabeth Tomlinson

“Engineering Resilience”

Looking for additional CEU’s? Take advantage of ASPE’s Read, Learn, Earn opportunities with a new course updated monthly. You can find the current course list at Each opportunity provides a certificate worth 0.1 CEU’s. The month of December course is on Velocity Effects in Piping. Don’t wait until the last minute for recertification!

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VP Legislative Report

Larry Justin, P.E., CPD


The Minnesota Plumbing Board has published a Request for Comments regarding Minnesota Rules, chapter 4714, in the State Register.  Now is the time to review the proposed changes to the Minnesota Plumbing Code and provide any comment(s) that you may have.  I recommend your companies review and submit any comments as directed by the Request For Comments.  Refer to for the State register (refer to page 543).  You can also follow this rulemaking progress at the docket page


Refer to for the Plumbing Board agendas and minutes.  The next quarterly Plumbing Board meeting is scheduled for 1/21/20.


All of the Plumbing Board Members are listed at


State of Minnesota Plumbing Board Meeting Notification

For more information or to be added to the email list for board meeting notices, contact Lyndy Logan at [email protected] or at (651) 284-5912. People on the email list for meeting notices may also receive periodic updates about activities of the board or the department's Construction Codes and Licensing Division (CCLD).


State of Minnesota Plumbing Code Items

The State of Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry (DLI) issues the CCLD newsletter that provides pertinent information regarding the construction codes.


To receive CCLD Review newsletter publications, you can be sign up at or go to

 It is published electronically quarterly to inform the construction and code industry about plumbing, electrical, mechanical, and building related information.


State of Minnesota Plumbing Code Links

Plumbing Code Page –

Plumbing Plan Review –

Plumbing Board –


State of Iowa Plumbing Code Links

Plumbing Commission Page –

State Plumbing Code –

Plumbing Code Amendment Page –


State of North Dakota Plumbing Code Links

Iowa Administrative Code (IAC) Plumbing Code –

Iowa Plumbing Code –


Plumbing Code Page –


State of South Dakota Plumbing Code Links

Plumbing Commission Page –

Plumbing Code Page –


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