2020-2022 Board Elections & Appointments

The Minnesota ASPE Chapter will be holding elections for the 2020 - 2022 Chapter Boad.  The election will be facilitated by the Chapter's Board of Governors (the three most recent past presidents). If you have interest in running for an elected position, please convey your interest to the Board of Governors (see below for contact information). 

Board of Governors

The Board of Governors is made up of the past three presidents.

Past President 2016-2018

Manuel Manzano CPD, LEED AP
Michaud, Cooley, Erickson
e-mail: mmanzano@michaudcooley.com
Past President 2014-2016

John A. Gunderson CPD-Retired
e-mail: Lynnmg@mchsi.com
Past President 2012-2014

Alan R. Allmon
e-mail: al446tiger@live.com


The voting will be conducted at our May monthly meeting and technical session (May 20th, 2020) by ASPE members in attendance.  To view additional information regarding the voting process and to see more indepth descriptions of the positions please reference the ASPE Policy & Operations Manual.  This is located on the aspe.org website under Membership & Global Community > Members Only section.  Please note: You must be signed into the ASPE website to view.  Chair appointments are appointed by the Chapter President or Chapter Board, please communicate your interest the Board of Governors.

Presidential Ballot

Description: The office of President is the highest officer position in the ASPE chapter structure.  The Chapter President is the leader of the chapter and has the responsibility for providing the chapter's leadership during his/her term of office.

Presidential Candidate

Ryan Jon Messmer CPD
Metropolitan Mechanical Contractors
e-mail: ryan.messmer@metromech.us


VP Technical Ballot

Description: The Chapter Vice President, Technical is responsible for the planning, organizing, and directing of all technical activities and events of the chapter.

VP Technical Candidate

Alan R. Allmon
e-mail: al446tiger@live.com


VP Legislative Ballot

Description: The Vice President, Legislative is responsible for planning and executing the Chapter's programs in the areas of codes and ordinances as they relate to the Chapter's membership.  The Chapter VP Legislative works with the Society VP Legislative and liaisons with the local code-writing and regulatory organizations in any way that is beneficial to the chapter.

VP Legislative Candidate

Lawrence G. Justin P.E., CPD, FASPE
KFI Engineers
e-mail: lgjustin@kfi-eng.com


VP Membership Ballot

Description: The Chapter Vice President, Membership is the membership administrator of the chapter.

VP Membership Candidate

Rich Davison
e-mail: RDRichDavison@gmail.com


VP Education Ballot

Description: The Chapter Vice President, Membership is the membership administrator of the chapter.

VP Education Candidate

Mark David Mayer
e-mail: 17.mark@gmail.com


Treasurer Ballot

Description: The Chapter Treasure is the chief financial officer of the chapter.

Treasurer Candidate

Brent Christopher Carlson CPD, GPD
e-mail: Brent.Carlson@Uponor.com


Administrative Secretary Ballot

Description: The Chapter Administrative Secretary is the record keeper for the chapter. The Administrative Secretary is responsible for the internal records of the chapter (i.e. records of chapter business).

Administrative Secretary Candidate

Licia Allien Oligmueller P.E.
Gausman & Moore
e-mail: loligmueller@gausman.com


Corresponding Secretary Ballot

Description: The Corresponding Secretary is responsible for all intra-chapter correspondence and for communication with the Society office.

Corresponding Secretary Candidate

Tyler James Watson CPD
e-mail: tyler.watson@uponor.com